Hey there, and welcome to Critical Lit Games!

Our aim is to make text based games/experiences in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and Mixed Reality (MR). At the moment, my focus is on creating literary experiences and games with more traditional items – such as books, cards and models.

I wanted to experiment with the idea of a “fixed” physical item with an overlay of the “fluid” digital medium – allowing for a new avenue of information and interactivity that would be optional.

I loved the branching plot novel and adventure gamebooks when I was younger – the idea that you had some sort of agency over character/plot as opposed to the on-rails feeling ¬†fascinated me¬†(although either is good in my book… heh…). It’d be interesting to see how AR/VR/MR could build on this foundation.


Picture taken from my latest WIP: Coming Home – an AR Text Adventure

Critical Lit Games was born out of a passion of Literature, Videogames, Puzzles, Theatre, Science Fiction and Poetry – the mission is to blend these all together. Think of it like a laboratory of numerous beakers and solutions – some will burst into a new field of creativity (here’s hoping) and some will just not take off at all.

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Looking forward to meeting you!